Purple Dragon is a familymembers’ club, where both children and adults can hang out together, without compromise, all underpinned by a culture of fun and happiness. Membership includes a joining fee and an annual membership fee and is subject to approval by a membership committee. If you would like to apply to join our waiting list, please get in touch:

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“What can I say… Purple Dragon is the stuff of dreams.”

“Everything you approve of for your kids (even when you can’t be there).”

“What an awesome place: climbing, cooking, dancing.. .so much to explore. Only problem was at the end of our visit, no one wanted to leave! Heavenly for kids and adults.”

“This club has been described as the world’s best playroom and you can see why! If you could plan the perfect day with your kids, this would be it.”

“My father and I recently spent the day playing with my son at Purple Dragon. He still talks about it being one of his favourite clays as a Grandad.”

“Purple Dragon is the most relaxing day you’ll have with your kids, ever.”