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Purple Dragon is the world’s best family club – we’re the place for children, that loves grown-ups, because when it comes to family time, every moment is special.

Purple Dragon is a multi-award-winning private family members’ club, setting the bar for family members’ clubs and now growing internationally. For kids, we’re the world’s best playroom; for adults, we’re a safe haven to catch-up with your pals and family whilst enjoying guilt-free family time together.


Q. “Where does the name Purple Dragon come from?”

A. “When I was a child one of my favourite books was Ratsmagic – a tale of discovery and magic where anything is possible. The book features a beautiful illustration of a giant egg on a floating island, out of which hatches a tiny, purple dragon. When I was starting to think about the club, it was the first image that sprang to mind…”

Sharai Meyers,
Purple Dragon Founder

“Forget the stuffy old boys’ haunts of Mayfair, this year’s hottest members club opening is exclusively for society’s youngest elite. Ritzy children’s club Purple Dragon has opened a new branch in Chelsea, providing a VIP experience for little ones and parents alike.”

Junior Magazine

Purple Dragon was founded by entrepreneur Sharai Meyers in 2008. Her idea was to create a family members’ club where both children and adults could hang out together, without compromise – somewhere that was genuinely fun for everyone, with great service and facilities.

“I had the idea for Purple Dragon when my first son was 18 months old,” explains Sharai. “Having spent my childhood in the relative freedoms of Scotland and Scandinavia, I discovered how tough raising a family in a big city could be.

“I wanted to create an environment where families could escape the stresses of city life and enjoy effortless, guilt-free, happy family time together. A safe and magical place for kids, where grown-ups could join in the fun, or just kick back, socialise and relax,” she adds.

Launching in Battersea, Purple Dragon subsequently moved to its Chelsea flagship club three years later. Launching in October 2011, the Chelsea club was at capacity within six months and has had a membership waiting list ever since.

“I saw that there was a huge demand for high quality activities and classes for children that kids want to do and that parents approve of, in an environment that’s safe, innovative and engaging,” says Sharai.

“I found that there were great places for children that were pretty awful for adults and great places for adults that really didn’t like having children in them. I felt that there had to be a better way,” she adds.