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Our Art Studio is home to a host of art classes for babbies, toddlers and children. With its custom easel wall, allowing all ages to paint like a pro, collage and craft table, and child-sized pottery wheels, there’s limitless opportunities to create.

Our art classes and adventures allow children to explore techniques, mediums and famous artists in a fun and inclusive way. The focus is on the process, exploring and developing creative expression. Each activity is designed to be progressive, so as our members grow, they have more to discover and enjoy.

Each week there are new art adventures to experience. Weekly themes can include a mini beast orchestra as part of our wider Spring Fling adventures to courageous knights in Sensational Superheros, so there is always something fresh for our members to explore.

Art is a way for children to express themselves in their own personal language. Giving kids a safe environment to do this helps them see their opinions are valued and listened to, which in turn gives them confidence.

Babies and toddlers start their art journey at our Simply Sensory class. From 6 months to 2 years of age, our members explore exciting colours, textures, scents and sounds through hands-on creative play. Each class features a sensory tray adventure, designed to activate the senses, followed by an exploratory art activity such as finger painting, flower printing, or footprint masterpieces. From our Pineapple paradise biscuit beach to Custard beehive, each week brings a new adventure to explore.

Pre-schoolers are able to experiment and create using a broad variety of materials and techniques in our Print, Paint & Create art classes. From spaghetti painting to bioluminescent mushroom printing, innovative art tools are used to mark make, paint and explore in this class designed for children 2 to 4 years of age. Each week offers up a different tactile creative adventure to be immersed in, including ice boat painting, fruit printing, collage creating or mask making.

Art combined with a celebrated nod to STEM shapes our Build & Sculpt class, specially curated for children 3 years and above. Whether it’s throwing and centring on the pottery wheels in our Ancient Greek Pottery adventure, exploring investigative design in Lego Rialto bridge building or creating fizzing volcanoes in our fantastic STEM adventures.
Members can hone their sculpting skills, become a modelling magician, a total origami master or a junk modelling engineer in this weekly class by trying out new tools and techniques and how to apply them to different materials. Perfect for future engineers and architects!

For children aged 5 years and above, our Da Vinci’s art workshop is an immersive art adventure. Taking inspiration from the greats, this 45-minute class allows members to journey though time exploring art movements, masterpieces and techniques. From sfumato to impasto, pointillism to graffiti, rather than your standard art lesson this interactive workshop offers kids the opportunity to recreate masterpieces in an innovative way, using completely different methods. From Gunta Stolzl inspired weaving to Ai-da inspired robotic art, collaborative action painting inspired by Jackson Pollock to enchanting jam creatures inspired by Joan Miro…

Our signature art classes and adventures for children run throughout the year, including half-term, summer, Easter and Christmas holidays.

How to find us

Q. Where is our Chelsea family members’ club located?

A. Our 15,000 square foot Chelsea, London flagship club is located in the beautiful and private Grosvenor Waterside development, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Our nearest tube is Sloane Square, bordering Belgravia and Mayfair. Crossing over the picturesque Chelsea Bridge, we’re just a stone’s throw from Battersea and Fulham.


Bramah House, 30 Gatliff Road, London SW1W 8DP
+44 (0)20 3906 8601
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