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For both young readers starting their reading adventures and avid bookworms, keeping up with the latest releases can pose a challenge. To help, our Head of Play, Candy, has curated a collection of the top must-read books for tots to teens this summer…


Jo and Nic’s crinkly newspapers are a firm favourite with our littlest members at the club. Designed to look and sound like real newspapers, their sensory cloth books are the perfect first book to ignite a passion for reading from a young age. This sporty Olympics edition is ready just in time for the summer games ahead.

This adorable picture book is perfect for your summer beach plans. Combining photographic images with glorious illustrations, the story follows a little girl who collects shells and imagines delightful things they could become, from magical kaleidoscopes to a starfish Ferris wheel. A handy shell identification chart is included at the beginning of the book, making it wonderful for inspiring your own imaginative treasure hunt along sandy shores.

Is there anything cooler than a moth with pointy boots and a purple guitar? Frida the moth is ready to take the world of rock by storm but faces a wobble of confidence. Cheered on by her Auntie Edna, this story follows Frida as she builds her confidence and learns to believe in herself, ready to rock on! A refreshing and inspiring addition to your library.


Gigantic is a bouncy rhyming tale about two whale brothers: Titan, the bigger older brother, and Gigantic, who, despite his name, is rather small. When Titan gets into a bit of trouble after showing off, Gigantic and his small sea life buddies step in to save the day. Proving that size doesn’t matter and sometimes you don’t have to be big to be mighty, this book is a super fun read with a warm and inspiring message.

Izzy the inventor dreams of becoming the greatest inventor of all time. She believes in science, not magic, but finds herself caught up in a host of adventures in fairyland. There, she rescues a unicorn from ogres and invents a tickle machine. This innovative tale blends science adventures with whimsical unicorns and includes experiments you can try yourself.

Written by science writer and poet Gabby Dawnway, this beautifully illustrated anthology is filled with educational stories and fascinating facts about the scientific concepts of ocean life. From tales of the shape-shifting octopus and the great white shark’s tooth machine to the time-traveling immortal jellyfish, it’s sure to delight children curious about what lies beneath the ocean waves.


School’s out for summer, but imagine getting an invite to Dragon School! At Dragon Towers, each pupil is chosen by a dragon at a pairing ceremony. With an array of talented dragons up for grabs; from pocket fire-breathing dragons that enjoy tucking into hot sauce to shimmering song dragons with killer dance moves and a penchant for fancy hat. Theo is disappointed when he is paired with Wanda, a mystery dragon that doesn’t seem to have any powers at all…

Did you know that yeti crabs grow snacks on their arms for when they get peckish? Or that jaguars have a favourite perfume? This book shares the fascinating stories of zoologists and their research project findings. Budding scientists and animal lovers will adore this hilarious book, filled with fun facts about the animal kingdom.

Not many people have a pet iguana that likes to take lemon scented bubble baths in a teapot, but then again not many people live in a mudlarking museum alongside the River Thames. Clem, Zara and Ash are left in charge of the museum whilst the director is on holiday resulting in them having to defend against squidmageddon! A quirky read, great for if you are spending summer in the city or ever wondered what may emerge from the murky waters of the Thames!


I love a good crime mystery, and this one doesn’t disappoint. During a school trip, rebellious Ava stumbles upon a crime and teams up with her birdwatching friends to solve it. Can they crack the case before a dangerous ring of thieves gets away? This fast-paced adventure is packed with friendship, thrilling escapades, and a strong message about caring for the environment.

Fans of magic and mystery will be captivated by the tale of Tourmaline, who has recently discovered her magical powers but finds them difficult to control. Amidst the chaos of her experiments to remove these powers, she receives a mysterious postcard that promises solutions and invites her on quests to extraordinary places…

Benjamaih works in the Once Upon a Time bookshop until one day he receives a poppet doll that transforms first into a monkey and then into a bird. This leads him to discover the Wreathenworld, a vast labyrinth of streets. There, he meets Elizabella, and together they embark on a courageous journey to find her missing brother. This enchanting and engaging tale promises enjoyment for both grown-ups and older children alike this summer.


Choosing the right books for your summer holiday is crucial for both adults and children alike, but how do you narrow down your selection? Here, our CEO and Founder Sharai Meyers shares her top picks for summer reading.

If you only have time to read one book this summer, then I’d suggest that this is the one. Over the last few years, sleep has gone from being something of a necessary evil, a dead time that gets in the way of the real business of life, to a critical skill to master to live and age well.

Rahul Jandial, a pioneering neurosurgeon and neurobiologist, takes our understanding of this one step further. This book is beautifully written – modern neuroscience packaged in a concise and compelling narrative that highlights the complex beauty of what it is to be human, and the extraordinary impact that dreaming has on our lives.

He also highlights the urgent need for a global initiative to protect our neuro rights including free will, freedom of thought, privacy and human dignity…

I may be a little behind the curve, but chat about Ozempic / Mounjaro / Wegovy only hit my radar earlier this year. You too may be familiar with it as the wonder diet drug, loved by celebrities and hailed as a revolution in tackling obesity, and Barclays analysts predict the weight loss drug market will be worth $200billion within a decade, likening its impact on society to that of the smartphone.

Johann Hari writes about this movement through the lens of someone who struggles with his weight and his storytelling is often heartbreaking and thoroughly thought provoking. This is a terrifying indictment of our food industry, highlighting the societal and economic impact of obesity, and our preconceptions about willpower, shame and food.

I love a story told across generations, from different voices and perspective. As a child I also loved storybooks where you could decide what happens next (if X jump to page 35 if Y it’s page 60) sliding doors moments of choice and opportunity. There’s an intriguing complexity in being able to write in this way and Gareth Rubin sets the bar with this Tete-beche book of mystery, plots, schemes and the inevitable unravelling of secrets.

And, on currently my Bedside Table…

Doorstep Library Partnership

We’re constantly updating our library at the club and every quarter, we donate books we no longer need to Doorstep Library, a community-focused literacy charity dedicated to bringing the magic of books and the joy of reading directly into the homes of children who need their support.

With one in four 11-year-olds leaving primary school unable to read or write properly, Doorstep Library recruit and train reading volunteers to go into disadvantaged areas of London and beyond to help introduce young children (aged 0-11 years) to the pleasure and benefits of reading. With projects across Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth and Camden, the closest project to our club is less than a mile away in Pimlico.

We’ve chosen to support Doorstep Library as reading is a passport to another world – quite literally. It can have a more powerful impact on a person’s cognitive ability than factors like where they grew up, or how affluent or well-educated their parents were. It’s a true social leveller.

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